facebook comedy images

facebook comedy images

Raising crowdfunds? Make the moment count. Mike Wilkinson used Kickstarter to raise funds for a documentary he was shooting. Long story short, he didn’t reach his hoped-for $10,000. But to squeeze that lemon into lemonade, he decided to share what he learned about attracting crowdfunding. Tips include planning ahead, reaching out regularly with a unified message via social media, and trying to reach your target audience as thoroughly as possible on Day 1. He also advises making a pitch video and provides great examples of strong pitch videos to draw from. Here’s one we liked:

FILE THIS ONE under guilty pleasures along with your Michael Buble albums. But the Royal Rumble is on tonight… here’s some of our favourite moments from down through the years.

The heat of the action and the heart of the conversation, The Score via Facebook. Just click Like.

Let’s wrap with comedy hour… or comedy six-second-loops, anyway. Ryan Thompson’s produced a list of 19 Vine users who are funnier than anyone you actually know. Come for the jokes, leave with some awesome new ideas (and don’t forget to turn your sound on!). Seriously, that backflip, though…

“Sometimes you feel empty, and you’re just overwhelmed and you look and see how willing your team is to carry you forward, and you get an extra burst of energy, and you keep going,” said Soderbergh while accepting his first-ever DGA award.

How is a socnet like an infectious disease? So glad you asked. Circulating our newsfeeds is a Princeton study that looked at the “adoption and abandonment” dynamics of social networks. It found that, like infectious diseases, they spread infectiously before eventually dying out. Based on that model, the study speculates that Facebook will lose a whopping 80% of its peak user base between 2015 and 2017. Awkward for the ‘Book. But now we have a name for the friends who’ve (again) deleted it from their phones to ring in the New Year: Early Adopters.

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