funny quotes and pictures to post on facebook

funny quotes and pictures to post on facebook

“The old adage that says the book is usually better than the movie is frequently true,” writes Larry Stone in the chapter titled “Noah Goes to Hollywood” in his new book, “Noah: The Real Story.”

“That’s why we produced our version of Noah, which looks at him from a different perspective,” Comfort continued. “We reveal ten undeniable Bible prophecies that link to Noah, and show that we are living in what the Bible calls ‘the last days.’”

That’s exactly what happened when Chadchart’s photo was released online. Conversations initially started about the authenticity and motivation of the photo, which evolved to various editions of the picture and sent netizens into a digital craze like a plague.

You want your audience to think, “‘Holy smokes,’ this message is: incredible, sad, awesome, beautiful, intelligent, informative or some other declarative response. Ideally, they will think, “Holy smokes, I have to share that with my friends,” he explains.

Test your dataBut anyone can determine their best times for a social network with a little experimenting. Study things like when the largest percentage of your audience is online–Facebook, for example, shows you this information for brand pages in your Facebook Insights under the “Posts” section.

As for timing, considering the rhythm of the day for your audience–times like lunch or before and after a meeting are when folks are likely to be taking a quick peek at Twitter, so try timing posts for the lunchtime period and for time just before or after the hour to take advantage of the post-meeting crowd.

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