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images for free

The photos of the structure in the resort town of St. Joseph, Mich., about 90 miles northeast of Chicago, have gone so viral that they have spun off confusion. People have claimed on social media to have taken photos of the decommissioned lighthouse that they did not take. Three news organizations have published stories on photographers that they present as the artist whose photos have gone the most viral. And as it turns out, what might be the most shared photo was actually taken about a year ago.

“That one was taken Jan. 23 of 2013,” says photographer John McCormick, 51, of Vestaburg, Mich., who shot the now-famous picture. “That’s the most viral I’ve had an image go, for sure.”

“There are very few datasets of this nature free for any use and by putting it online we hope to stimulate and support research concerning printed illustrations, maps and other material not currently studied,” the library announced on its website.

This isn’t just about democratizing art. It’s about integrating art and people’s digital lives — and with that, unlocking the creativity that is key to our future progress and humanity. The most creative period in history, the Renaissance, was characterized by deep integration of art and everyday life. Maximizing humanity’s creativity is a matter of survival, and reintegrating art into everyday life can help.

One of the more interesting anecdotes from Steve Jobs’ biography was how troubled he was by claims that the iPad didn’t really enable creativity, that it was more about passive consumption than creation. Whether Jobs really valued that or not (and even if there are a whole new set of apps working to address this), I think that technology design in general is still largely creativity-numbing for users.

instagramers gallery is a free, online virtual space where users can share and exchange their personal images with people from all over the world, without having to create a profile, add friends or follow anyone. the brainchild of phil gonzález and graphic designer jorge martínez comprises a network of instagram fans from more than 300 local communities in 60 different countries, who promote their artistic work through the platform. those who submit their instagram captures to the site have the chance to simultaneously participate in a $1000 ‘photo-day prize’; the finalists and winners of the daily contests will compete for a grand prize of $100,000 for the best photo, as chosen by a panel of judges comprised of well-known personalities from the world of art. the instagramers gallery has recently opened a physical location in the artist neighborhood of wynwood, miami — alongside the virtual online space — showcasing the most outstanding and valued photos uploaded to the digital platform. the materialized locale serves as a meeting place open to everyone — lovers of photography, amateurs, and instagram users — and provides them with opportunities to attend discussions, forums, events, presentations and expositions.

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